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Dr. Jordan Dunlop is a professional dedicated to the career of dentistry.
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Dr. Jordan Dunlop | Creating Smiles

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Dr Dunlop

Dr Dunlop was born and raised in Gimli, MB before graduating from the University of Manitoba’s College of Dentistry in 2017. She joined the Creating Smiles family soon after and has worked under the guidance and mentorship of Dr Friesen since then.


Dr Dunlop is particularly known and well-loved for her gentleness and attention to detail. She first discovered her interest in dentistry as child when she spent time in an out of dental offices. She was fascinated by the skill dentists possessed had and their ability to transform.

Today she enjoys the variety of work she does finds it especially rewarding to work with families and see them grow up.


In her spare time, Dr Dunlop enjoys playing the violin and spending time with Owen – her 5-pound Yorkie mix. She also has a penchant for cooking and fitness as well as an appreciation of international culture. She’s avid travelling and has been to countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Iceland and many more.

Dr. Dunlop is a proud addition to our team!

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