Creating Smiles Dental | Tooth Extraction
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Tooth Extraction

Dental equipment holding an extracted tooth

We Offer:

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Sleep Dentistry
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Permanent Dentures

Why Might You Need An Extraction?

Periodontal Disease:


Teeth with advanced bone loss are loose, may be infected, and usually start to drift. These teeth require extraction




Teeth with advanced decay that has advanced into the root structure may not be restorable, these teeth will require extraction.


Impacted wisdom teeth:


Teeth that are trapped in the jaw bone may cause damage to the adjacent teeth and may become infected. These usually require extraction.




Teeth with large abscesses that caused bone loss usually can not be restored. The recommendation is the extraction of the infected tooth. 


If you are considering having your teeth extracted followed by new dentures. You have options!

Sleep dentistry can take away most of the fear, pain, and discomfort of dental work. We offer both oral and intravenous sedation to give you the ultimate experience on your next visit.


Immediate Denture


An immediate denture is delivered immediately after the extraction of the teeth. It acts as a bandage and promotes healing.  After 6 months this immediate denture is permanently relined, at an additional expense.


A Permanent Denture


A permanent denture is delivered 2-3 months after the extraction of the teeth. This allows for more healing and the fabrication of a more stable denture.

Advantages: not as costly as an immediate denture.

Disadvantages: have to go without teeth for as long as 8 weeks

In order to find out which denture is best for you, please talk to your dentist.

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