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Latest News

The Oral B features include:
  • 360 Smart Ring – Alerts you to the right brushing pressure
  • 7 Smart modes – Daily clean mode, Sensitive mode, Whitening Mode, Gum Care Mode, Super Sensitive Mode, and Tongue Cleaning Mode
  • Interactive display with 2-minute brushing timer
  • Bluetooth Smartphone Technology
  • Real-Time coaching for best results
  • Position Detection AI designed to recognize your brushing style
  • Unique round brush head with oscillating rotations and…
two staff members wearing vaccination pins

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Fundraiser

 One of the ideals we live by at Creating Smiles is providing value to our community, and not just to our patients through the dental work we do but rather to all our fellow Manitobans in any way we can. To show our solidarity with our fellow Manitobans and Canadians, we’ve developed a Vaccination Pin which can be worn on the outer layer of clothing or on a mask showing that you’ve been vaccinated.


This pin can be worn proudly to not only show Manitoban’s commitment and contribution towards stopping the pandemic and its devastating effects but also to potentially serve as encouragement for those still harbouring reservations on receiving the…


Creating Smiles Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine’s weekend is here and wind chill is in the air. Sorry, love is in the air.

We’ve got this lovely gift basket from your favorite dental office that we would love to give away in the spirit of Valentine’s.

It’s got all your favourites from the dentists, including some brand new electric Oral toothbrushes and maybe a few other…



COVIDISOR just announced their new “powered air purifying respirator” (PAPR) that provides N95 level or higher respiratory protection.

A rear fan pulls air through two front N95 (or P100) filters, past the face, and out through another N95 filter


The Covidisor uses negative pressure to filter both intake and outtake air, protecting both the wearer and those around them.

It’s a transparent head-mounted sphere that’s fairly lightweight, and can be worn for hours and it’s also Face ID friendly…

Firstline UV staff member wheeling in Solaris robot


Guaranteeing the safety and health of our patients and our staff is of the utmost importance to us here at Creating Smiles Dental, especially in these uncertain times. We want you to feel safe and rest assured that your local dentist is taking every precaution necessary to ensure your good health.


Not only that, but here at Creating Smiles, we take it upon ourselves to learn and implement the latest innovations in technology in our office to ensure that we continue providing the best care possible for our…

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